Composting During COVID

During this historic disruption of our normal composting routines, we want to share this list of composting resources.



BK Rot 

1278 Myrtle Avenue, Bushwick

Wednesdays: 9AM-2PM

Sunday: 12-3PM (food scraps only)

Neighborhoods Eligible for pick-up: North & Central Brooklyn

Doesn't Accept: Fish, meat, dairy, eggs, pet waste or litter, and compostable foodware



380 Classon Avenue, Bedford

Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM

Neighborhoods Eligible for pick-up: All five boroughs

Doesn't Accept: Take-out food containers, wax paper, plastic wraps, fruit/vegetable sticker labels, coffee cups, straws, styrofoam, rubber bands, twist ties, bubble wrap, and bones.


Sure We Can 

219 McKibbin Street, Williamsburg

Mon-Fri 7AM-5:00 PM

Sat 7AM-1:00 PM

Doesn't Accept: Meat, fish, plastic, plant-based products, and dairy products. 


Nurture Bk Compost 

Prospect Lefferts Garden and Flatbush (Contact for specific address)

Saturday-Sunday 8:30AM-10AM

Doesn't Accept: Fish, meat, dairy, compostable foodware, and paper towels.


PS 20 Clinton High School 

225 Adelphi Street, Fort Greene 

Fridays 12PM-9PM

Doesn't Accept: Animal-based products 


Q Gardens 

58 E 18th Street, Prospect Park South

Saturdays 10:30AM-12:30PM

Sundays 2-4PM

Doesn't Accept: Meat, fish, fats, oils, dairy products, plastic, metals, glass, and deceased or pest-treated plants. 


Rhodora Wine Bar 

197 Adelphi Street, Fort Greene 

Monday-Friday 3-9PM

Saturday-Sunday 12-9PM

Doesn't Accept: Meat, fish, greasy food scrapes, fats, oils, dairy products, coal, charcoal, coconuts, diseased or insect-infested houseplants, compostable plastics, and receipts. 


Tyrome Tripoli's Gallery Petite 

114 Wilson Avenue, Bushwick 

Monday-Sunday 9AM-9PM

Doesn't Accept: Meat scrapes, dairy products, fish, oils, deceased, and insect-treated plants.


Wyckoff Farmhouse Museum

5816 Clarendon Road, Canarsie

Friday-Saturday 1-4PM

Doesn't Accept: Plant-based products, meat and bones


BK Scrap Shuttle 

Cooper Park West, East Williamsburg 

Monday 9-10:30AM

Thursday 5-6:30PM

Doesn't Accept: Fish, meat, citrus, compostable utensils, oils, and paper products.


Bushwick City Farm 

354 Stockton Street, Bushwick 

Saturdays-Sundays 12:30PM to dusk 

Doesn't Accept: Fish, meat, dairy, fats, oils, and grease


Domino Park 

15 River Street, Williamsburg  

Mondays 10AM-12PM

Thursdays 6PM-8PM

Doesn't Accept: Citrus, coffee filters, compostable products, dairy products, fish, garlic, onions, and meat. 


Nature Based Nursery 

123 3rd Street, Gowanus 

Sundays: 9AM-5PM

Doesn't Accept: Meat, dairy, oily foods, large sticks, bulk yard waste, and compostable bags and utensils. 


North Brooklyn Compost Project 

Sundays 10AM-2PM

Doesn't Accept: Meat, fish, whole eggs, bones, dairy products, compostable utensils, plastic, rubber bands, gloves, and paper towels. 




Astoria Pug 

Saturday-Sunday 9AM-9PM

Doesn't Accept: Plant-based products, meat and bones




Reclaimed Organics 

415 E 11th Street, Lower East Side

Sat/Sun 10am-4pm

Monday 10am-1pm

Tuesday 3pm-5pm

Wednesday 1-3, 5-6pm

Thursday 10-12, 1-2, 5-7pm

Friday 5pm-7pm

Neighborhoods Eligible for pick-up: 100th Street south to Battery Park, East to West

Meat, bones, dairy, oils, plates, bowls, cups, napkins, paper towels, and tissues


Earth Matter NY 

Governors Island 

Saturday-Sunday 12-4PM

Doesn't Accept: Meat, fish, plastic, oils, grease, and dairy products


Jenny's Garden 

W 138th Street at 12th Avenue, Harlem 

Saturday-Sunday 9AM-5PM

Doesn't Accept: Meat, fish, dairy products, paper towels, oils, grease, and compostable utensils


LES Ecology Center 

7th Street, Lower East Side

Monday-Sunday 9AM-9PM

Doesn't Accept: Fish, bones, shells, dairy products, fats, greasy foods, pet feces or litter, plants, and compostable plastic


The RING Garden 

Seaman Avenue, Inwood 

Tuesdays & Thursdays 8AM-10AM

Saturdays 9AM-12PM

Doesn't Accept: Fish, meat, and dairy 




Friends of Brook Park

Brook Avenue & E 141 Street, Mott Haven 

Saturday-Sunday 12-4PM

Doesn't Accept: Fish, meat, dairy products, compostable plastics, and bones


GreenFeen Organix: The Compost Co-Op

No Drop-off Location, Pick-up Only

Hours: Must schedule a time

Neighborhoods Eligible for Pick-up: North Bronx