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Group Project Dates 2022

Last year's activities are below, to aid in planning 2023

Sun. March 13, 2022

Took down holiday lights from tree and gazebo. 

Set up furniture under the willow tree and in picnic area. 

Tidy and throw out broken brooms, dustpans and such (replaced with new brooms and dustpans).

Tidy and sweep sidewalks outside garden

Tidy up areas under the willow, main gate, side gate and near picnic table 

Remove any outdated signage from the fence and bulletin board inside the garden. 

Cut back raspberry bushes and euonymus hedge in children’s garden 

Tidy shed and lockers

Stowed snow shovels and salt

Bagged up seven-plus bags of garbage and fallen branches

Readied broken things for bulk trash pickup

Sat. April 9, 2022

Spread wood chips on the pathways. Several members made many car trips to Greenwood Cemetery, where wood chips are free for the taking.

Major cleanout and inventory of the red shed. Lots of duplicate and old, rusted and broken tools were removed. Broken old hoses were thrown out. Huge amount of unused and broken items were thrown out. Plans were begun for new shelving in the shed. Lockers were also cleaned out. Many, many piles of trash and recycling.

Tool Locker Video 1:
Tool Locker Video 2:
Red Shed Video 2:

Sun. May 1, 2022

Lots of weeding of pathways and some common areas. Setting up and major cleaning of garden to prep for Spring Festival. Continued purging of red shed. Starting on tidying and purging of junk in the greenhouse. Tidying trash area and checking on porta-potty.

Sat. June 11, 2022

Built and installed new shelves in the red shed. Organized tools and supplies to be tidy and accessible in the shed.​

​Sun. July 17, 2022

Wooden bench repaired. Overgrowth near compost bins cut back. Raspberry patch weeded. Overgrowth trimmed near picnic tables and scaling neighboring building wall. Weeded along the perimeter fence and pathways.

Greenhouse cleanout: sorted and organized things to be put away in proper places in the shed. Threw out damaged items. Kids arts and crafts and planting pods all stored in one bin in greenhouse now.

Sat. Sept. 10, 2022


Tidy and clean shed and greenhouse

Weeding pathways

Tidying trash, recycle, compost bin area

Take down bat house?

Sun. Oct. 2, 2022


Plans TBD

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