2022 Group Projects

Saturday, April 9 "Shed Inventory, Wood Chip the Paths, Misc"



  1. Wood Chip the paths. Wood chips for the pathways are needed, especially in the front. People with cars can retrieve chips from Greenwood Cemetery for free.

  2. Clean out and inventory the contents of the Red Shed.

    • Remove the folding white tables from the shed

    • Remove everything else and sort into piles on the folding white tables

    • Sweep out the shed

    • Sort by function

      • more tools, hoses, tarps, electrical extension cords, etc.

      • to be thrown away 

      • to be donated

      • “maybe pile" for things that do not fit into categories

        • for Peter and Sarah (longstanding members) to review

      • VERY IMPORTANT:  Inventory everything which we want to keep!

    • Put stuff we are keeping back into the Red Shed 

    • If we get this done, then the next GPD (on Sunday, May 1st) we will construct new shelving and tool hangers on the back and left walls.

  3. Misc. stuff:

    • Make sure trash area is tidy. Assess port-a-potty. Sweep outside sidewalks. 

    • Grill area — assess and clean

    • Set up/assess children’s garden/play area

    • If water is on: hose down recycling, trash bins and city compost bins

Sunday, May 1 "Shed Day"


  1. Remove everything from the shed (full team, 8-10 people)

  2. Sorting and Shelving

    • Sort stuff into piles by function, including Donation and Trash piles (one team, 4-5 people)

    • Build new shelving along the back wall of the Red Shed (one team, 4-5 people.  Lumber will be pre-cut into lengths and widths.  We will need a truck to pick it up from the lumber yard and bring it to the garden.

      1. Set up a pair of saw horses or use picnic table with protection

      2. Install back set of vertical columns 2x4's along the back of the shed wall and bolt it to same.

      3. Attach 3-4 shelf supports 2x4's perpendicular to each column with woodscrews

      4. Install front set of vertical columns 2x4's parallel to back set and secure to shelf supports with wood screws

      5. install 3/4" plywood shelving and secure to shelf supports with wood screws

  3. Organize stuff that is to be kept on shelving with stuff that is most frequently used towards the front of the shed to stuff that is infrequently used in the back.

Tool Locker Video 1: https://youtu.be/XATkO6hIlXs
Tool Locker Video 2: https://youtu.be/KkS4B1FV7QI
Red Shed Video 2: https://youtu.be/yZpdadCDfok

Saturday, June 11


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Sunday, July 17


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Saturday, September 10


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Sunday, October 2


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Saturday, November 12


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Saturday, December 10


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