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Alternative Energy

Currently, there is an off-the-grid, direct solar-to-pump installation in operation in 6/15 Green’s Memorial Garden, which includes "Godzilla’s Place"—the ponds named in honor of the very hearty fish who lived there for 5 years until she was eaten by a raccoon. This site consists of an Ipe, or Ironwood arbor for grapes and kiwis with seating below, upon which are mounted two solar electric modules. The modules directly power through a power converter/protector, which runs three pumps, creating three waterfalls, flowing into two ponds.

Occasionally, a solar energy expert conducts a series of renewable energy workshops focusing on using solar electric energy as a primary source of electricity in the community garden for a solar-powered waterfall, tool shed lighting and charging of small electrical appliances such as flashlights or weed whackers. The final workshop will add fun and fitness by capturing human mechanical energy ("bicycle power") in a battery through the use of an alternator.

One purpose of the series is to educate and empower people about the existence, viability, and use of renewable energy sources, particularly solar electricity, pond waterfalls, and human mechanical power.

The falls only run when the sun is out in full. The surrounding garden is mostly native flora from the NYS area.

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