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Membership Coordinator


  • Answer all inquiries from prospective members.

  • Coordinate onboarding of new members.

  • Organize membership Meet-n-Greet Sessions

    • Maintains record keeping of complete membership requirements for each member

    • Manages communication to membership at large about Garden requirements

    • Follow up with individual members regarding unfulfilled requirements

  • Run the RENEWAL DAY

    • Receive old keys

    • Distribute new keys

    • Collect funds

    • Coordinate with Stewardships Team about who will renew or yield

    • Coordinate with Community Assignments Team about what openings exist

    • Coordinate with Open Hours Team to ensure the signup system is ready

    • Coordinate with Group Project Days Team if first Project Day is concurrent with Renewal Day

  • Run the NEW MEMBER DAY(S)

    • Orientation

    • Fees, keys, assignments, open hours, group projects

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