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Teams to Join

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Team Options 2024:

If you are not yet assigned to a team or a coordinator role, please share your preferences at:


  • Community Growing Area: This assignment is perfect for members who want to get their hands dirty gardening! Many parts of the garden are designated as communal gardening spaces (see purple areas on our Map). Members will be watering, weeding, trimming and caring for these communal spaces throughout the season. Note: The Herb Garden and Native Garden are not included in these spaces.

  • Herb Garden: The Herb Garden is a communal growing area located at Location 12 on our Garden Map. Members of this team will work with the coordinator to maintain the herb garden throughout the year. Team members will weed, trim, and water the herb garden throughout the season. If you want to learn more about herbs and their different uses, this may be a great assignment for you!

  • Native Garden: The Native Garden is a communal growing area in Locations 26, 36, and 40 on our Garden Map.  The primary task is to care for the plot by weeding, trimming, and watering throughout the season. You’ll be skilled at identifying weeds after being in this group.

  • Festivals and Community Event Support: We rely on the dedicated garden members on this team to make our festivals and community events a success. Join this team if you enjoy integrating our garden into the local community. The primary tasks are to set-up, staff, and wind down festivals and events.

  • Plant Sale: We host plant sales to raise funds for the garden. The primary task is to staff these plant sales and do pre-event prep such as potting plants. Additional tasks may include assisting with advertising via social media and flyers.  

  • Sanitation: The garden could not function without the hard work of the sanitation team. The primary task is to ensure our recycling, trash, city compost bins, and trimming bags are placed on the sidewalk before collection days. This assignment may be well-suited for members who live near the garden.

  • Compost: The  garden creates its own compost to keep our plants healthy and strong (located at the back of the garden). Members of this team are responsible for processing the compost in all stages.

  • Community Outreach/Social Justice: 6/15 Green works to deepen collaborations with community partners and build new ones. This team will help with mutual aid and other food justice projects and advance the garden’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. This may include outreach to local businesses, schools, organizations, and other gardens.

  • Children's Area/Activities: The Children’s Area is found at Location 5 on our Garden Map. Team members maintain this area and the paths surrounding it to keep it clean, neat, and safe for young children. This assignment also includes planning children’s activities throughout the season.

  • Tools & Structures: Members are responsible for all things equipment. This team inventories are organizes tools, and determines what needs to be repaired, and what discarded.  Members keeps the Red Shed organized and clean (it is in great shape thanks to last year’s work!)

  • Grill/Picnic Table Area: Members of this team are responsible for maintaining the grill and picnic table area: tasks may include maintaining supplies, making sure there are coals, and keeping the area ready for use.

  • Sidewalk & Street Trees: Help maintain the tree plots and sidewalks surrounding our garden to make our space as inviting as we can! Team members will sweep sidewalk spaces (particularly areas in front of willow) and help maintain the public tree plots surrounding our garden.

  • Solar Arbor/Pond: Members of this team maintain all aspects of the pond and help our experienced members maintain our solar power system near the pond. Tasks include removing debris and vegetation from inside the pond, cleaning the area under the arbor, and maintaining the surrounding paths leading to the pond.

  • School Tours/Outreach: We would like to make our garden as accessible as we can for local schools. Tasks include communicating with schools interested in setting up tours, opening the garden when schools visit, assisting with tours. It also may include outreach to local schools. *Members who join this team must have daytime availability.

  • Movie Night: The garden hosts multiple movie nights. This team with select films, set up and staff the event, and help with publicity.

  • Music & Sound Support: Members of this team are responsible for facilitating the set-up and breakdown of sound systems (including connecting speakers and audio equipment to a power source as well as mics, amplifiers, etc.). Looking for prior experience with sound equipment! Also, this assignment will likely require moving heavy objects short distances (e.g. large speakers, long cabling, etc.).


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