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Assignments Coordinator


  • Define each of the Community Assignments

    • Duties

    • How much time is involved?

    • Is that time spread out evenly over the season or concentrated at points?

    • For team assignments, how many people are needed for each team?

  • Ensure there is a Coordinator for each role.

  • Ensure every Garden member is either a Coordinator or a Team Member.

  • Balance team sizes according to need.

  • Confirm participation

    • Check midway through season with Team Coordinators to ask whether assigned members are helping.

    • Send out compliance letters to Team Coordinators in November.

    • For members who are not meeting their obligations, attempt to facilitate ways that members might make up time (e.g. leaf pickup, holiday lights, holiday pot luck, snow removal).

  • End the year by confirming commitments for the "Startup Coordinators" needed to start the next season.

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