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6/15 Green By-Laws


6/15 Green is a community garden in South Park Slope committed to promoting a cleaner and safer neighborhood through the creation and maintenance of a community open space for cultural, agricultural and educational purposes. As well as, to stimulate and encourage community participation in the planning, development, use and maintenance of other green spaces.


Membership Eligibility

Any person regardless of race, creed, color or sexual orientation. (Membership does not guarantee stewardship of an individual plot.)



We collect dues each year. There is normally a fee per person/family/household, as well as a key fee, and a processing fee if payment is made online. In the interest of inclusion, we keep these fees as affordable as possible. For anyone who finds it a burden, we can privately discuss accommodations. We maintain current pricing on our donation page at

Monthly Meetings

We do our best to set our calendar at the start of the year. It is visible at, and we send reminders via email. Members are encouraged to attend as many meetings as possible.

Decision Making

At all meetings of the members, 8 (eight) members present in person or by proxy, shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. A majority of the quorum (five or more) is needed to pass any decision. In the absence of a quorum, a majority of the members so present or represented may adjourn the meeting, or continue with unofficial business.


Proxy Voting

Proxies are accepted if received by a Steering Committee member in writing 24 hours prior to a meeting.


Electing Officers

Officers will be nominated at the January meeting and elected at the February meeting of each year. A majority of the full membership must be present and voting. Officers will serve for one year.


Responsibility of President

The President presides over all meetings, and Steering Committee and has the authority to sign legal documents and checks on behalf of the organization.

Responsibility of Vice President

The Vice President acts as the President when the President is absent or unavailable and sits on the Steering Committee.


Responsibility of Secretary

The Secretary is responsible for all written records of the organization, notices of meetings, minutes of meetings, official correspondence and sits on the Steering Committee.


Responsibility of Treasurer

The Treasurer is responsible for all financial records, has the authority to sign checks on behalf of the organization and sits on the Steering Committee.



These By-Laws may be amended by the members of the organization duly called for the purpose of amending these By-Laws. Members who wish to change by-laws must submit the proposed change, in writing, to the President or Vice President one week prior to a monthly meeting.


Membership Responsibilities

Each member shall be acquainted with and abide by the rules and regulations of the garden. Failure to do so can lead to termination of membership.

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