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Sanitation Coordinators


  • Responsible for putting out on the curb all garbage, recycling, and garden debris that we ourselves do not compost.

  • Biweekly time windows, 2 weeks on and (usually) a 4 week rest in between.

  • Interface with DSNY as needed.

  • Commit to clear snow on sidewalks.

  • Salt as needed and clear a path to compost bin.

  • This is a 2 person job but most likely there will also be additional volunteers.

  • Also clear litter/snow from sidewalks November - April.

NOTE: There is an informal policy that nobody should "be stuck with" this role for more than one consecutive year. Holding this role for a year should ensure first-pick of roles in the following year. Ask the Steering Committee or Assignments Coordinator for details.

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