Garden Rules & Regulations

For the garden and our community to flourish, it is essential that we all follow these rules and regulations. Thank you for your cooperation.

Community-Minded Conduct

  1. Flowers, herbs and vegetables from individual, the group vegetable and community plots may only be picked if the primary gardener/caretaker(s) gives you permission. You must ask each time you want to pick, unless otherwise agreed. If you cannot contact the gardener/caretaker, you may not pick from their garden. Leave any flowers or vegetables you have to share on the front table.

  2. Always make sure that fruit is ripe before picking (if in doubt, contact the Fruit Coordinator). Please do not pick too much fruit; leave plenty for others. Let’s all share the fruit of our labors.

  3. Water use is to be strictly regulated. Water is to be used from barrels as much as possible. If barrels are empty, they need to be filled from the hoses.

  4. Tools and supplies are available for all gardeners. Please be sure that you and any children you are supervising clean and return tools to the proper storage area when finished working. Tools and supplies may not be removed from the property.

  5. If other groups are interested in using the garden (school groups, community groups, block associations) they must contact a member of the Steering Committee for approval of date and activity.

  6. Garden members are welcome to have informal gatherings and picnics with friends and family in the garden. No private parties are allowed — the garden must remain open during any event. You are responsible for the immediate clean up of any garbage and decorations. For gatherings of 6 or more people, please contact a member of the Steering Committee for scheduling purposes.

  7. Anyone who sets up holiday decorations is responsible for removing them no later than 2 weeks after the holiday.

  8. Chop up and cover any organic waste you place on the compost pile. Read the signs at the composing site for complete instructions.

  9. Manure, mulch and compost are available for everyone to share. Please take a moderate amount so we all may benefit.

  10. Please stay on paths.

  11. When leaving the garden, check to see if you are the last person inside. If so, please securely lock all gates and sheds.

  12. Pets are allowed in the front common area only and must be on a leash. Absolutely no dogs are to go beyond the front common area, even when on a leash. You must clean up after your dog.

  13. Only members may have keys, and no copies shall be made by anyone outside the Steering Committee. If you need additional keys or lose your key, a Steering Committee member will make a copy for you. A $1.00 deposit is required per key.

  14. To avoid injury, as well as damage to garden plants and property, no running is permitted in the garden.

  15. Parent/caretakers must ensure that children understand and follow all rules and regulations. Children under the age of eighteen may not be in the garden without having a parent or caretaker in the garden.

  16. Each garden member (household) will be entitled to one vote on all garden matters.​​

Fulfilling Your Community Responsibilities

  1. DUES — Each member is required to pay annual dues of $20 per household. Returning members may renew their membership at the January, February, or March meetings or the March work weekend. New members can join from January 1 – May 31. Compost membership is open year-round. Membership dues pay for maintenance and operation expenses. New keys will be issued to each gardener each year after dues are paid. A one dollar ($1.00) key deposit is required of new members, and returning members in years when the locks are changed.

  2. MEETINGS — Members are expected to regularly attend the Monthly Meetings. They are your opportunity to learn about garden activities, participate in key decision-making, and make your voice heard. It is the responsibility of each individual member to keep informed of the issues and concerns facing the garden. Please notify a member of the steering committee if you cannot attend. Minutes will be made available online and posted in the garden.

  3. ACTIVITIES — Our garden’s ability to thrive — and succeed in carrying out our mission — depends on the active, ongoing involvement of our members. With this in mind, every member must either care for an assigned community garden space, or fulfill one of the functions from the Community Activity List (below).

  4. OPEN HOURS — Every member must serve as a Garden Attendant for at least 4 two-hour shifts of Open Hours per garden season. A description of Open Hours duties appears below.

  5. GROUP PROJECTS — All members are required to help with some of the group garden projects on the second weekend of every month. Specific tasks include seasonal projects, construction projects, and overall maintenance and will be listed on the bulletin board. This is an opportunity to meet your fellow members, learn gardening skills, and maintain the garden for the community. These are major projects and can only be completed with the help of everyone working together. Be sure to sign in at each work weekend to ensure you receive credit for your participation. Please notify a steering committee member if you cannot attend.

  6. SNOW — During winter months, we are required to clear snow and ice from the sidewalks. The Snow Removal Coordinator will contact members when help is needed. Not all members will be needed for this.

Open Hours

At the beginning of the garden season, please register for Open Hours at — you can choose from the available times (first come first served), and the website also lets you make changes if necessary.

If you are unable to attend your open hours, please make arrangements with another garden member to cover your shift, and notify the Open Hours Coordinator of the changes.

During your Open Hours shifts, please perform the following duties:

  • At the beginning of your open hours session, please sweep and bag all litter from the sidewalk surrounding the garden, outside the fence.

  • The "Welcome to the Garden" sign belongs on the sidewalk any time the Garden is open.

  • If you have the ability, please Tweet @615_Green something about the garden being open, using #OpenHours (even better if you include a nice photo showing off the garden!). Here's a pre-written tweet you can use.

  • It is your job to welcome visitors, answer questions, hand out brochures, and enforce basic garden rules.

  • Please remain at the front of the garden, by the entrance, rather than working on your community or individual plot.

Individual Garden Plot Assignments

  1. Your community service responsibilities always come first and membership does not guarantee assignment of an individual plot.

  2. If you would like an individual garden plot, notify the Individual Plot Coordinator. The Individual Plot Coordinator along with the Steering Committee will assign individual plots on a first come, first served basis, provided that person has been fulfilling their community responsibilities.

  3. If you have an individual plot, you must continue to meet your community responsibilities. You must also actively maintain and cultivate your individual plot (this includes planting in the spring as well as watering and weeding) at least every two weeks from April through October. If you cannot tend to your garden personally for more than two weeks, arrange for another garden member to help you and notify the Individual Plot Coordinator.

  4. Any member not tending their plot for two weeks will receive a verbal warning. If the plot continues to be untended for two weeks after the verbal warning, you will receive a second warning, in writing. If left untended for another two weeks after the written warning, you will lose your individual plot. Your plot will pass to the next person on the waiting list and you will be notified in writing of such action. You will be able to continue your garden membership. Continued failure to meet your community obligations can also result in loss of your individual plot assignment.

  5. When planting in your garden, please think of your neighbors. For example, tall plants may affect a neighbor’s plot by casting shade; aggressive growers could strangle your neighbor’s plants. Communication between neighboring gardeners is essential. Any disputes may be brought before the Steering Committee.

  6. No tree planting.

  7. You are welcome to be creative in designing your plot. Please keep in mind the overall design of 6/15 Green as well as the safety of other gardeners. Any structures, ornamentation or unusual borders must first be discussed with the design committee.

  8. You may dig up plants that were previously planted in your garden, but please make sure that they’re given to other garden members for individual or community plots, potted up for future plant sales, or shared with the community. 


Group Vegetable Garden Participation

  1. The Group Vegetable Garden is open to a limited number of gardeners each season, on a first come basis, beginning in January. Additional gardeners will be placed on a waiting list. Contact the Group Vegetable Garden Coordinator if you are interested in participating.

  2. Gardening in this plot does not count as your community service.

  3. Each member of the garden is expected to participate in helping to plan the garden. In addition, each member is expected to contribute an average of 2 hours per week during the gardening season to help plant, water, weed and harvest. If you are not able to participate fully, you may be asked to step down so that other garden members can participate.

Community Activity List

Members must either maintaining one of the community plots or fulfill one of the roles from the following list:

  • Steering Committee Members (the elected officials of the garden)

    • President

    • 1st Vice President

    • 2nd Vice President

    • Secretary

    • Treasurer


  • Membership Coordinator

  • Design Committee Coordinator

  • Children’s Garden Coordinator and Assistant

  • Compost Coordinator

  • Newsletter

  • Publicity/Outreach

  • BQLT Representative

  • Sanitation Coordinator

  • Shed/Tools Organizer

  • Winter Maintenance Coordinator

  • Special Events Coordinator

  • Open Hours Coordinator

  • Community Plot Coordinator

  • Individual Plot Coordinator

  • Grant Writer

  • Alternative Energy and Water Coordinator

  • Children’s Workshop Coordinator and Assistant

  • Community Herb Garden Coordinator

  • Group Vegetable Garden Coordinator

  • Fruit Coordinator

  • School Group Coordinator

  • Plant Archivist

  • Master Gardener

  • Fundraising Coordinator


Enforcement of Rules and Regulations


Note: This applies to both adults and children.

All members are responsible for enforcing the rules and regulations. If you see any individual breaking a rule, you should speak to them and/or notify the Steering Committee.


The garden association reserves the right to revoke the membership of any member who repeatedly fails to comply with these rules and regulations.


Members will receive a verbal warning upon their first offense. A written warning will be issued after the second offense. If there is a third offense, the member will be asked to return his or her key to the garden and give up their membership.


This is a community garden — please respect our neighbors and the neighborhood. Let’s work with each other to assure the continued growth of the garden, the community and ourselves.