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Outreach Coordinators


  • Mutual Aid, Social Justice, Mixteca/DayOfTheDead, Fundraising from local Community

  • Pick up supplies at seasonal Green Thumb giveaways.

  • Reach out to community businesses for donations and support for 6/15 Green events, including the Harvest & Spring Festivals, bake sales and fundraisers, plant sales, Haunted Walk, etc.

  • Ideally should also reach out to the local community to help with volunteer opportunities within the garden (which we will create).

  • Liaison with other community gardens, schools, organizations, etc. to foster collaborative opportunities.

  • Movie Night

    • Choose movies and dates

    • Arrange for viewing equipment and electricity

    • Create advertisements (or connect with Graphic Design team for that)

    • Help publicize (or connect with Publicity and Social Media for that)

  • Day of the Dead

    • Coordinate with Mixteca and/or local children organizations

    • Late Season (September) Plan Haunted Walk for Saturday near Halloween (usually the same day as the Park Slope Children's Halloween Walk).

    • Come up with route, props & sets and recruit young actors and create budget for props and set.

    • In the past, expenditures for props were about $100 and we had a donation bucket and usually brought anywhere from $200-250.

  • Other Events?

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