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Publicity Coordinators


  • Write conventional press releases about our major events.Post updates to Facebook and/or Twitter

    • (but Website and Instagram are managed by Tech Team)

  • Work cooperatively with the Garden coordinators for Major Events

    • Spring and Fall Festival and Plant Sale

    • Community Outreach

    • Movie Night

    • Haunted Walk

  • Coordinate with Tech team to publicize 6/15 Green’s events (Tech Team needs 2 weeks notice)

  • Place announcements in as many local event listings as possible and, if possible, getting local reporters to write a small article about the garden and event(s).

  • Prior experience and a list of media contacts are extremely helpful.

  • Build, develop, and maintain up-to-date media contacts, including print media, online media, radio/tv/local access cable, social media, community members who have expressed an interest in our events (neighbors, local community organizations, community boards, BIDs, local politicians, etc.)

  • Write concise press releases

  • Meet submission deadlines for listings with media contacts - at least 2-3 weeks before event, longer for optimal results

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