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Individual Garden Plots

  1. Your community service responsibilities always come first and membership does not guarantee assignment of an individual plot.

  2. If you would like an individual garden plot, notify the Steering Committee or Stewardships Coordinator (if there is one). Individual plots on a first come, first served basis, provided that person has been fulfilling their community responsibilities.

  3. There is normally a waiting list and it may take several years for stewardship of a plot to become available.

  4. If you are steward of an individual plot, you must continue to meet your community responsibilities. You must also actively maintain and cultivate your individual plot (this includes planting in the spring as well as watering and weeding) at least every two weeks from April through October. If you cannot tend to your garden personally for more than two weeks, arrange for another garden member to help you and notify the Individual Plot Coordinator.

  5. Any member not tending their plot for two weeks will receive a verbal warning. If the plot continues to be untended for two weeks after the verbal warning, you will receive a second warning, in writing. If left untended for another two weeks after the written warning, you will lose your individual plot. Your plot will pass to the next person on the waiting list and you will be notified in writing of such action. You will be able to continue your garden membership. Continued failure to meet your community obligations can also result in loss of your individual plot assignment.

  6. When planting in your garden, please think of your neighbors. For example, tall plants may affect a neighbor’s plot by casting shade; aggressive growers could strangle your neighbor’s plants. Communication between neighboring gardeners is essential. Any disputes may be brought before the Steering Committee.

  7. No tree planting.

  8. You are welcome to be creative in designing your plot. Please keep in mind the overall design of 6/15 Green as well as the safety of other gardeners. Any structures, ornamentation or unusual borders must first be discussed with the design committee.

  9. You may dig up plants that were previously planted in your garden, but please make sure that they’re given to other garden members for individual or community plots, potted up for future plant sales, or shared with the community. 



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