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Technology Coordinators


  • Maintain the Website, Email Lists, and Instagram

  • Update Google Group to include new members each year for emails

  • Update each year the Team Directory email groups have the right people

  • Update each year the pages for Member Meetings, Group Projects, and Public Events

  • Maintain the Google Calendar so that people can subscribe to Garden Events

  • When special events have graphical flyers, post them to the website

  • Tech Team requests notice several weeks in advance.

    • It is also a big help if flyers are sent with text+background separately, and with a square minimal-text version for instagram.

    • Highly detailed information, such as an exact schedule of performers in an event, can go onto the Google Calendar.

    • Individual web pages will only have main information which is not subject to fine-tuning and updates.

  • Ensure that all web pages adhere to accessibility standards, and display well on mobile devices

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