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Solar Arbor/Pond Coordinator

Coordinator Duties:

  • This exists at Location 21 on Map

  • Maintain solar panels, battery, wiring

  • Water pump, waterfalls

  • Make sure the fish are alive and well

  • Maintain the vines and trellis

  • Benches

Team Member Duties:

Members of this team maintain all aspects of:

  1. solar panels battery box and if possible green roof, timer, inverter, batteries, charge controller, indicator electronics, solar panels

  2. ponds, fish, and water falls, water quality and cleaning

  3. arbor, its plants (grapes, arctic kiwi and the surrounding plants in the gardens surround the ponds), and the rocks of the arbor floor.

Tasks include:

  • removing debris and vegetation from inside the ponds

  • feeding the fish

  • making sure the ponds have enough water

  • sweeping the area under the arbor on a regular basis

  • sanding the arbor and tightening the screws and bolts of the arbor every year

  • trimming the leaves around the “faces “ of the solar panels every two weeks

  • occasionally cleaning the solar panels (once a year at most, gently)

  • maintaining, watering, and trimming the surrounding paths surrounding the ponds

  • maintaining the waterfalls so they flow correctly

  • changing the timer that turns on the waterfalls or holiday lights.

Some tasks may be included in general garden work days occasionally, as the arbor is used every day by visitors and members.

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