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How to Join

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of 6/15 Green!

We have reached our quota for 2024. 

Please email us to learn about volunteer opportunities at

Becoming a member requires a few steps:

  1. MEMBER DUTIES: Make sure you understand the work contribution expected from every member household, on our Responsibilities page.

  2. GARDEN RULES: Read and become familiar with the Garden's Rules and official By-Laws. When you pay your dues and sign our community pledge, you are agreeing to abide by the rules and regulations.

  3. INFO SESSION (ZOOM): Learn about the history of the garden, our mission, and our community expectations.

  4. ORIENTATION (IN-PERSON): Take a detailed tour of the space, and further learn about the community. This is also an opportunity to meet a few members. Please reserve 2 hours for the orientation. Dates of orientation meetings are shared at the information session.

  5. PLEDGE & DUES: At orientation you will pay Dues and sign a pledge to abide by our Rules. Pricing is a suggestion, but please contribute a true and honest reflection of what you can.

  6. OPEN HOURS & COMMUNITY ASSIGNMENTS: After orientation, schedule your Open Hours and fill out a survey about your Community Assignments preferences.

Questions?  Want to verify a meeting date?

Contact our Membership Committee:

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