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Renew Membership for 2023

This page is for returning members only. If you are a Prospective New Member, please read How to Join.

Returning members are asked to be sure to renew by March 31, even if you cannot be present on the official "Renewal Day".

We are doing our best to streamline membership renewal, via our website,, and Google Forms.

Renewal checklist:

  1. Pay your yearly membership dues via Paypal at: or pay in person at our first group project days or key exchange days in the garden.

    • $21 membership fee ($20 cash + $1 PayPal fee if you pay online)

    • $3 per key each year (households may opt for one or two keys)

  2. Choose your open hours shifts for the year at: Information and instructions on how to do this are below. (NOT READY YET FOR 2023)

    • TWO two-hour shifts from the period April 1 – July 15

    • TWO two-hour shifts from the period July 16 – October 31

    • It's easy, and you will not need to register an account or keep a password on

    • If you prefer not to use your email address, please email and someone can sign you up manually.

  3. Fill in the information on our Google Form

    • This includes signing the Community Pledge section of the Google form

  4. After renewing, please plan your Community Assignment. (NOT READY YET FOR 2023)

The membership team is at, and if you need help with any of these steps someone will be happy to work with you directly.

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