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Hard Crackers: A Public Reading

6/15 Green Community Garden
Saturday, October 29, 2022
1 PM to 3 PM

The 6/15 Community Garden ( has joined with the editors of Hard Crackers: chronicles of everyday life ( to sponsor a public reading to be held at the Garden, located at the corner of 15th Street and 6th Avenue in the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn, on the afternoon of Saturday, October 29th.

After a brief introduction, the event will feature readings by authors of articles in the newest print issue of the journal which is devoted to the theme of “Another Place.” The issue includes eleven articles that explore experiences in places like seeking care in a hospital in Bengladesh, fighting gentrification in a small town in southern Arizona, dying for your beliefs in Albania under the Enver Hoxha dictatorship, searching for a grandmother’s grave in Los Angeles, and playing football in a prison movie. Copies of the journal will be available for purchase.

In addition, others in attendance will be invited to share their own writings about the significance of places in their lives, hopefully including some members of the Garden Community reading about the Garden itself and the community it’s located in.

Then we hope to have an open discussion about what people have heard and what they think about it. The event is intended to be participatory, celebratory and exploratory. We don’t know exactly what might happen but we’re looking forward to finding out. We hope that you can join us!


* * *

6/15 Green is a community organization whose roots go back to efforts in 1988 by local residents to clean up an abandoned lot that posed dangers to their health and safety. In 1994, five individuals began planting and growing in the garden; today the garden has more than a hundred members.

Hard Crackers believes that attentiveness to daily lives is essential for those who would like to act purposively to change the world. It seeks to document the strivings of ordinary people to overcome the mess we are in.

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